My baby brother went to his first high school formal last night. I can’t believe it. I feel old. lol My mom and I went to see him and his friends off in the limo and took lots of pictures.

He informed me that they played “Tearing Up My Heart” at the dance.


He said everyone was dancing and singing along.

eta: He also says they played “My Love” and if they played more Justin than that he doesn’t remember. They played hip hop and techno most of the time. Bah.

11:51am – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My brother is singing TUMH right now.

11:55am – This just gets better and better. He said they had two video screens up and they were playing some of the videos along with the songs. Yeah they played the video.

And I’m now at playing the song cause my brother already had it stuck in his head. hehe


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37, single. loves baking, cooking, scrapbooking, photography, jewelry making, learning new crafts, listening to music and sleeping in.
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