HOLY COW! I got a call a few hours ago from the local pop station telling me I won to be on the guest list for the premiere of Hairspray on Thursday night at the theater in Riverbank. WOOOO! No wait, let me add some more OOO’s to that. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

It’s for me and 3 guests and we have to be there at 11:30pm and the movie starts at midnight. I’m trying to convince my brother to go. My sister is going to give up sleep to go as she usually is in bed by the time the movie will start since she leaves for work at 6am. lol And I emailed my sister-in-law to see if she wants to go.

I love the movie theater the premiere is at because they have the lounger seats where the arm rests go up and you can lounge back. Woot!


About Julie

37, single. loves baking, cooking, scrapbooking, photography, jewelry making, learning new crafts, listening to music and sleeping in.
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