tonight’s the night

My 10 year high school reunion is tonight. In fact, the doors open in 2 minutes, but I’m still home. I’m running late and waiting for my nail polish to dry so that I can finish switching purses, change my clothes and leave. Dinner isn’t until 7pm so as long as I get there before 6pm, I feel that I’m ok. I wanted to get there around 5:15/5:30pm, but whatever.

As the days have ticked by, I’ve gotten a little nervous. Partly because I’m not taking anyone with me and that means I don’t have an automatic person to chat with. I wasn’t a jock, a cheerleader, or anyone in the popular sense so I’m not expecting people to come running up to me to talk. Not to say that I was an outcast and people hated me, but you know.

Ok, I think my polish is dry enough to continue getting ready. I’ll post more when I get home or tomorrow. I think. lol


About Julie

37, single. loves baking, cooking, scrapbooking, photography, jewelry making, learning new crafts, listening to music and sleeping in.
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